OUR VISION: (what we see)

We envision a revitalized St. Louis community, where the love of God in Jesus Christ is reflected, each person’s dignity is recognized, families are renewed, and neighborhoods are restored.

OUR MISSION: (what we do)

In order to contribute toward a revitalized St. Louis community, we nurture individuals through Christian discipleship, offer professional apprenticeships in cabinetmaking & carpentry, and partner with our Wellston neighbors to restore our community.

OUR VALUES: (who we are)

In the Scriptures, we are taught to value what Jesus values: faith, hope, & love                      (1 Corinthians 13:13)

  • Faith, because God’s goodness inspires our trust.
  • Hope, because God has promised to complete His work of restoration & salvation.
  • Love, because God first loved us.

We are dependent upon God’s grace as we live in community. We strive for our actions in all areas of ministry, organizational management, and personal relationships to reflect God’s grace through:

  • Integrity: consistency in our intentions, words, & actions.
  • Work: a blessing from God to serve others & to grow in knowledge, skill, & wisdom.
  • Stewardship: a call to manage God’s provision with responsibility.
  • Reconciliation: experiencing a restoration of peace in our relationships with God & each others through Christ.
  • Commitment: dedication to our callings with both patience & endurance.
  • Dignity: each person possessing inherent worth & value because everyone is created in God’s image.
  • Respect: treating every person according to their infinite worth & value.